Last year I saw the Grace Coddington’s book everywhere. I saw on instagram, on blogs, in people’s bathrooms. Everyone was getting it for Christmas. Except me. Santa fucked up. I was dying to read it. I, like millions of other girls, fell in love with Grace when I watched The September Issue. She was so damn cool with her burning bush hairstyle, and probably the only one in the building with the guts… Read more »

Tealight lantern

Light: IKEA Going to IKEA is like going to a paradise. Everything is so dang cool. You don’t have to sell your shirt to buy it, and you want everything you see. I don´t know what those Swedes are doing to give me the I-WANT-EVERYTHING-IKEA effect. But it’s working. On my last visit I bought this beautiful tealight lantern. I love lanterns. They are the easiest way to bring warmth and cozyness to… Read more »

yellow, black, red and white

Sometimes (more like all the time) I like to dream that I´m an interior stylist. Lamp: Bought (and probably overpaid for) at Mercado de Cuauhtémoc Clock: IKEA (El Vikingo needed something loud to get him out of bed in the mornings to make me breakfast) Step stool: IKEA Magazines: Esquire, Vogue, Encens Frame: Target (or was it Clas Ohlson?) Picture: An ad from a Swedish magazine from the 1920s that El Vikingo brought… Read more »

Me and my hood

Mexico City is huge … but huge. It’s the biggest place I’ve ever lived in and I hate it. OK, I don’t hate it. Not all of it. Some parts I love, others I wish they would pave over and build parks on. For instance, I hate the area where I work. It’s a shit hole in the north and the commute up there steals an hour of my life every morning, and then robs… Read more »

Forever 21 Mexico

Last year our prayers were finally heard by the Gods of garments and Forever 21 opened their first store in Mexico. I was excited, because now I could go to Forever 21 whenever I wanted, instead of going only twice a year while visiting my friend Saydee in San Antonio. I got even more excited when I received a mail inviting me to a Forever 21 photoshoot… Read more »


I love quotes. They are like these magic morsels of wisdom that help you make sense of whatever needs making sense of, and that give you inspiration whenever you need to be inspired. So this year I don’t have any resolutions, just a collection of quotes I picked to help me through 2013. I’ve collected them on my pinterest board called “words” (how original!), so if you’re in the need of wisdom… Read more »

The Closet Voyeur: Ileana Rodríguez – Reclu

The following photos have rotted away on my hard drive since september. It has taken me so long to publish them that even Ileana (as in Ileana Rodríguez aka Reclu) has packed her bags and moved to another place up north. I guess one my new year resolutions should be to get off my procrastinating ass and start posting more stuff on the blog. But back to Reclu. She’s an eight-armed, two-headed wonder escaped… Read more »