Skirt + New Balance Shoes

In 2003 my uniform was skirt and sneakers, a result from my volleyball playing university days, when all I cared about was being comfortable and ready to play. It was the winning combo (back then fashion was never a factor). I’m not sure when I stopped wearing that uniform. But it was probably when I graduated and I realized no one would even hire a girl in skirt and… Read more »

Paris, I still love you but…

I’ve wanted to live in Paris since before it was in fashion. OK, maybe dreaming about Paris has always been in fashion, and maybe my grandma was once doing her laundry in Leon while listening to Charles Trenet on the radio and imagining herself dancing down Champs-Élysées on her way to eating a baguette under the Eiffel tower. And maybe her grandmother did the same. So… it’s not exactly a new thing…. Read more »

Bosse and Adriana

[drop_cap]W[/drop_cap]elcome to the first installation of the new section we’d like to call Portrait Sessions. Portraits Sessions will be a series of portraits — duh — of cool people we come across in Mexico. Honestly, we haven’t really thought this through and the concept will likely change as we go. The next step is probably to include a short interview or something of the like. But for now let’s just say it’s a… Read more »