Aquí vivo

Desde hace unos meses estoy estudiando en Leksand, Suecia. Leksand es un pueblo muy simpático lleno de casas rojas y con solo 5,900 habitantes. Tiene 3 supermercados y no existen las tienditas de la esquina. Si me da hambre y no quiero cocinar me tengo que aguantar y cocinar porque sólo hay pizzerías, comida tailandesa, hamburguesas y kebabs. Nada conveniente para una vegana. El tráfico no existe. Tampoco las manifestaciones. Por… Read more »

Bere´s New York City Guide

In 2004 I spent a summer in New York. It was hot and sticky but awesome. Then eleven years passed and for some reason I never managed to go back — until a couple of weeks ago. And man, I had forgotten how awesome New York is. Why the fuck did I wait so long to return? During all these years I have changed, and so has the way I explore and experience a city…. Read more »

I´m still blogging

Crap — my last post was five months ago! That’s the longest I’ve gone without blogging. Ever. But I’ve been too busy. Poor blog. It has given me so much. It has helped me change my career (I used to work as an industrial engineer. The horror!), and it has opened a lot of doors for me that would otherwise have been closed. Without this blog I would never have had… Read more »

We run mexico – 51:22

Last year I started running to release stress and lose some flab. As soon as I felt the stress monster catching up to me I’d slip into my running clothes/superhero costume and kick it’s ass on the pavement. I didn’t have any routines, no technique — no goals other than to come back home with a a sweat soaked t-shirt and a peaceful mind. But as I improved I decided to sign… Read more »