El día en el que me volví vegana

. En el 2010 conocí a una de mis mejores amigas, Saydée de @Vegabonding. La conocí por twitter, yo vivía en Shanghai y ella en México. Desde nuestros primeros tweets sentí que nos llevaríamos muy bien y cuando nos conocimos en persona hicimos click al instante. Empezamos a conocernos mejor y descubrí que era vegana, especialmente cuando me invitaba a comer a su casa y los platillos incluían puras verduras, eso… Read more »

Receta hummus rosa, delicia vegana

Article at a glance

Older adults may find it more challenging to maintain a healthy diet due to changes in their bodies and lifestyle.

A healthy diet can help you live longer, become stronger, have a sharper mind, and feel better overall.

5 major food groups make up a healthy diet: fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, and dairy.

The amount of calories you should consume per day depends on your age, gender, and level of physical activity. 

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The periscope and the vegan smoothies

A couple of months ago, due to my job, I started to experiment with periscope. I needed to find out how it worked, how we could take advantage of it, about the pros and cons — everything. Many, if not most, of the periscopes I saw were boring — livestreams about driving to work and being stuck in traffic were particularly popular. Others were more interesting, like one I found with a tv… Read more »

Vegan Matcha green tea latte

It looks like the rain season is here, a perfect time to curl up in the couch with a hot drink. But, with the rain comes cloudy thoughts and a darker mood, so I find myself needing a extra energy boost. My current antidepressant-cheer-me-up-and-make-everything-great favorite drink is a lovely matcha green tea latte. I’d normally get it from Starbucks, but going there every time I’m in need would cost me a… Read more »

16 vegan popcorn flavors to try

16 popcorn flavors? Sixteen! Yeap, it’s true. And all of them are vegan! Yay! I haven’t tried them all, but I’m sure that before this weekend is over, I’ll have tasted most of them, check out the latest visishield reviews. I don’t know what it is, but lately I’ve a crazy craving for popcorn. Now it’s my Vegana Market Place go-to snack whenever I feel my stomach is grumbling asking for something salty…. Read more »

In & Out Juice

There´s nothing better than having a happy stomach, right? Or maybe I should say, there´s nothing worse than having an unhappy stomach. They can be such bastards. It´s nothing short of a nightmare when your digestion system wages war against you — a silent war, if you know what I mean. For a healthy weight try out resurge. My solution? Eat a lot of veggies, in any shape or form –… Read more »

Chia & Raspberry breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal because bla, bla, bla … We all know we should have breakfast, but still many of us end up skipping it because we don’t have time. Instead we end up drinking a cup of coffee or tea and perhaps later in the day gob down a snicker bar or something else sinfully sweet — not good. But, what if you could prepare breakfast in just five minutes,… Read more »

Bere´s New York City Guide

In 2004 I spent a summer in New York. It was hot and sticky but awesome. Then eleven years passed and for some reason I never managed to go back — until a couple of weeks ago. And man, I had forgotten how awesome New York is. Why the fuck did I wait so long to return? During all these years I have changed, and so has the way I explore and experience a city…. Read more »