Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2011 Collection

Continuing with the showroom posts, the turn has come to Tommy Hilfiger. The collection is a mix between 4 styles: rockabilly, country club, preppy, and hipster. For women, the must have items to achieve the so hot-right-now gentlewoman look, are shirts, shorts and pants with the clean cuts from men’s wear, but in fun and bright colors, and sometimes mixing different patterns or color blocking. For men, the must have items to achieve the… Read more »

Coach — Spring 2011 Bag Collection

Last week I was invited to the Coach Spring 2011 Showroom. I have always liked showrooms because you can touch the products, ask questions, and learn more about the material and concept. And you get a sneak peek to coming trends. At the Coach showroom we saw a wide variety of shoes, bags, wallets, men’s bags, etc. You should really go to the stores and see it for yourselves, but here’s a selection of my… Read more »

The day I discovered fashion I was ruined

These photos were taken in the 1920’s by the Sidney police department. They are portraits of criminals. My first thoughts were: Those are amazing. I really have to get a large format camera. Then, who was the photographer — an artist? The photos have something unexplainable about them, something deeper than the average mug shot. Then I thought, oh, their clothes are beautiful, what a good sense of style. Where they street criminals or… Read more »

The Closet Voyeur: Cheryl Santos

A new year, and a new closet visit. This time Cheryl Santos shares her hidden treasures. Cheryl is a graphic designer, but her true passion is fashion writing, which, I have to say, she does really well. Año nuevo, clóset nuevo, bueno, visita. En esta ocasión Cheryl Santos nos comparte sus tesoros. Cheryl es diseñadora gráfica, pero su verdadera pasión es escribir sobre moda, y tengo que decirlo, ella lo hace… Read more »

Diagonal Patriotismo Vintage Clothing

Since I came back to the city I started searching for vintage clothes, which lead me to Diagonal Patriotismo, The founders, Maddalen Agirre and Giulia Viola, started Diagonal only a year ago, and don’t yet have a proper store. But you can find their beautiful clothes in different pop up markets around town, or contact them for an appointment to visit their clever showroom/living room. They are great at finding beautiful items, and, unlike many… Read more »

The Closet Voyeur — Ceci Palacios

I really miss those days when I could go outside with my camera in one hand and my tea in the other, walking around the streets of Shanghai, looking at people, following them, starting a casual conversation, and then asking them to pose for my camera. It was by far my favorite activity. But here it’s too unsafe. And since my camera hates to be unused, I decided to start taking pictures of people´s… Read more »