Bere the writer — Bleu & Blanc

There’s nothing like seeing your name in print (unless it’s in a gossip magazine and your name is attached to photo of yourself gobbling down pancakes in the nude). And guess what — last month yours truly had the awesome opportunity to write the cover story (hello!) for the travel magazine Bleu & Blanc. It was a terrifying experience. See, I’m not really a writer. I mean, not a real one. So… Read more »

New Balance W1080BP3

Remember last year when I started running? Well, I got addicted, and so far I’ve done three races, a 10k, a 16k, and a half marathon. So now, by logic, what comes next is the full marathon. To train for it I run about four times a week. I’m afraid I got bit by the running monster and turned into a running nerd, obsessed with improving my times and finding the best… Read more »

Levi´s® French Country Dress

For the longest time I’ve hated jeans. I could never find the perfect fit. Sometimes they were great on the waist but horrible on the thighs, and most of the time they were too short or too long, or just plain wrong. So I decided I will just wear dresses, and I did. But on my last trip I actually found two pairs of Levi´s that fit me perfectly, two pairs made in heaven. So… Read more »

ELLE México Diseña 2012

[drop_cap]A[/drop_cap] couple of weeks ago I was enjoying the beach weather of Acapulco. Luckily ELLE had invited me just like last year to cover the final of ELLE México Diseña 2012 (a contest to support young mexican designers). This year the theme was Black Tie. And the winner, an ex-contestant of the last year edition, Edgar Lozano. They jury was made up of Matthew Williamson, Eugenia Silva, Poppy Delevigne, and Alexander Neumann. As part… Read more »