Carte Postale

(Rough translation) A year ago I bought a bunch of french postcards at Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen and then completely forgot about them. I wanted to post them on the blog with translations but they are a pain to read. I’ll see if I can find someone to help me, but for now I though I’d share this one with you. It’s fun to imagine who this Georgette was… Read more »

The Closet Voyeur Sneak Peek

Like I promised last year I’m relaunching the The Closet Voyeur. This is a sneak peek of Luis’s and Angel’s house. Luis is an industrial designer and Angel is a journalist, and they both have exceptional taste. For this picture I asked them to pick some of their favorite things from their house. Each object has a story, so please mouse over the object to learn more about it. Cool, right? The full closet… Read more »

From calendar to frame

One of my best tips for getting new prints to frame, is to buy a calendar. I’ll use it as a calendar during the year, but when the year’s over, I select the best images, cut them out, and frame them. It’s cheap and you recycle. That’s what I did with this chat noir. So think again before you spend money on an expensive print — you might get twelve for less.


I Love january first. It’s the day when everything seems possible and when you are full with energy (unless you have a hangover. Btw this is the first time I didn’t drink anything on new year’s and I feel so good it might become a tradition. Or I might just be getting old). The day so far has been unusually productive. I ran, did my HIIT workout, cleaned, watched a couple of… Read more »


I’ve been obsessed with the Nordic countries for more than a decade. My first obsession was with Sweden. I remember dreaming day and night about the day when I’d finally set foot in Stockholm and eat my first tunnbrödsrulle. I collected songs, pictures and all kinds of other stuff related to Sweden. I even tried learning Swedish online, which was a total failure (I couldn’t even get hello… Read more »

Shit I bought

Bottle: H&M Stones: Street I don’t always have a story to tell about the shit I buy. I bought the bottle cause it looked cool, but when I came home and looked at it I thought, “and what the hell do I do with it?”. So I put a flower in it. I guess it’s a bottle vase.

Hipster work light

El Vikingo says he remembers this lamp from his childhood. It hung on the open hood of his dad’s Volvo while his dad was leaning over the engine with a cigarette hanging from the side of his mouth mumbling things like “you little piece of shit, now what the fuck’s wrong with you?” and other words a man uses to show his appreciation for his car. It’s strange how time makes us see… Read more »