Bere the writer — Bleu & Blanc


There’s nothing like seeing your name in print (unless it’s in a gossip magazine and your name is attached to photo of yourself gobbling down pancakes in the nude).

And guess what — last month yours truly had the awesome opportunity to write the cover story (hello!) for the travel magazine Bleu & Blanc. It was a terrifying experience. See, I’m not really a writer. I mean, not a real one. So they really took a gamble on me when they asked me to write about fashion capitals for their May issue.

But … I think it worked out well. Sure, I did bite off most of my nails (including my toe ones) and pull out half of my hair — but I got it done. And when I read it again it wasn’t half bad (if I may say so myself). You can read the story below if you want. The new issue is already out so I’d figure it’d be OK to publish the article here.

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