Bere and El Vikingo’s Infinite Running Playlists

I can’t run without music. I just can’t. Hearing my own heavy breathing makes me feel tired. But when I listen to music I can forget about how exhausted I am and just focus on running. Some people (weirdos)prefer to listen to the sound of nature, saying it gives you a better experience. But in Mexico City … all you’d hear would be honking car horns and … people. Horrible. I’m posting mine… Read more »

Marathon Food: El Vikingo’s (Energy) Balls of Fire

At the moment we’re experimenting with all kinds of vegan smoothies and energy bars (did I mention we’re vegan?). This recipe we made yesterday. It’s a slight adaptation of a recipe from Thrive. The only thing we changed is that we added sunflower seeds and amaranth. The amaranth was actually an afterthought, so it’s not featured in the photos. Also, when we started we thought we were making energy BARS, but when… Read more »

El sueco no es mi mejor amigo

Llevo 7 meses en Suecia y no, aún no hablo bien sueco. ATENCIÓN: este es un post de quejas irracionales.  Según yo, los idiomas eran mi fuerte. Hablo inglés y francés muy bien. Italiano más o menos y cuando vivía en Shanghai mi mandarin me alcanzaba muy bien para hablar de cosas básicas, pedir taxis, de comer, rentar un departamento, tomar fotos de street style, etc. ¿Y el sueco? Mi cerebro se… Read more »

Eliminar lo innecesario

¿Recuerdan que les conté que mis posesiones se reducen a una maleta de 22 kilos? Bueno y a eso ahora tengo que sumarle algunas cosas esenciales que he comprado para sobrevivir el invierno sueco. No sé cómo pude lograr deshacerme de todas mis pertenencias. A veces creo que cuando vuelva a México mis cosas estarán esperándome en mi departamento en Alfonso Reyes. Y no, ya no existen, ya todo es un recuerdo…. Read more »

yellow, black, red and white

Sometimes (more like all the time) I like to dream that I´m an interior stylist. Lamp: Bought (and probably overpaid for) at Mercado de Cuauhtémoc Clock: IKEA (El Vikingo needed something loud to get him out of bed in the mornings to make me breakfast) Step stool: IKEA Magazines: Esquire, Vogue, Encens Frame: Target (or was it Clas Ohlson?) Picture: An ad from a Swedish magazine from the 1920s that El Vikingo brought… Read more »

The Bilora Bella 66, 1956

Some people get obsessed by new stuff. They need to dress with the latest trends, they need to have the new gadgets, the latest cameras. They see latest as a synonym to best. Others get obsessed with old stuff. They dress in vintage, they recycle materials, they collect things because they like to imagine the story behind those objects. Me, my heart splits between both. I’m half-half. But 4 years ago I was different. I… Read more »

Breaking 1000K (and my training plan)

I promised you I’d write about my training. I was supposed to do it last week, but I was swamped with work so I never got a chance. But here goes. First I wanna say that I’m not a running expert in any way. What I know about running and training comes from googling (mostly El Vikingo’s googling, actually). So take it with a grain of salt, OK? Cool.

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Ramen Bowls

Escribo este post desde una casita roja sueca. En los últimos meses mi vida ha cambiado mucho. Renuncié a mi trabajo. Vendí, regalé y doné casi todas mis cosas, salvo por los libros que guardé en casa de mis padres y lo que pude traerme en una maleta de 22 kilos. Tobbe, Lasse y El Vikingo están conmigo en esta nueva aventura. Hace dos meses que llegué a este país que me… Read more »

Bere´s New York City Guide

In 2004 I spent a summer in New York. It was hot and sticky but awesome. Then eleven years passed and for some reason I never managed to go back — until a couple of weeks ago. And man, I had forgotten how awesome New York is. Why the fuck did I wait so long to return? During all these years I have changed, and so has the way I explore and experience a city…. Read more »


Today one week has passed since my first marathon. For days I refused to write this post, because after all these months of dreaming and training (well…), I had reached my goal and the marathon was over. And I won’t lie — I have the marathon blues. Everything was over too fast. Except when I was actually running the damn thing. Thought it would never end. It was so fucking hard. Naively,… Read more »