Adaptarse al cambio

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” ― Leon C. Megginson Ya casi llevo 3 meses viviendo en Suecia pero siento que llevo aquí toda la vida. Supongo que ese sentimiento es porque me adapté a la nueva vida muy rápido. En general siempre me he adaptado muy bien a cualquier tipo de cambio. Considero que es una de mis… Read more »


I’ve been obsessed with the Nordic countries for more than a decade. My first obsession was with Sweden. I remember dreaming day and night about the day when I’d finally set foot in Stockholm and eat my first tunnbrödsrulle. I collected songs, pictures and all kinds of other stuff related to Sweden. I even tried learning Swedish online, which was a total failure (I couldn’t even get hello… Read more »

Bosse and Adriana

[drop_cap]W[/drop_cap]elcome to the first installation of the new section we’d like to call Portrait Sessions. Portraits Sessions will be a series of portraits — duh — of cool people we come across in Mexico. Honestly, we haven’t really thought this through and the concept will likely change as we go. The next step is probably to include a short interview or something of the like. But for now let’s just say it’s a… Read more »

Goodbye 2010. Swedish Memories

When 2010 came only one thing was sure: I was going to Shanghai. I didn’t know for how long or what would happen after. I only knew I was going. I went in February and met up with my boyfriend, who had traveled from Stockholm. We enrolled at the university, found a great studio apartment down town, and huddled together under our umbrella on our way to school, noodle shops, and fashion shows. Then came… Read more »

Project Dichotomy. Theme I: Long Distance

We are two photographers in love, momentarily living apart. One in Mexico. The other one in Sweden. To keep photographing together we created this project. Every week we choose a theme that we interpret individually, one photograph each. Then we post the resulting photos together. Right here on the blog. Every Monday. The first theme is: Long distance. Somos dos fotógrafos enamorados, por el momento viviendo separados. Uno en México. El otro en Suecia. Para… Read more »