Cat Attack

Today I was working on a project, super focused talking to the camera when — BAM! — I had a Tobbe on my shoulders. It was so funny I had to share it with you. I suspect my cats really think I’m a walking tree. Just look at this photo of Lasse sleeping on my shoulders without a care in the world. Ah, but they can get away with anything. I love… Read more »

The Closet Voyeur Sneak Peek

Like I promised last year I’m relaunching the The Closet Voyeur. This is a sneak peek of Luis’s and Angel’s house. Luis is an industrial designer and Angel is a journalist, and they both have exceptional taste. For this picture I asked them to pick some of their favorite things from their house. Each object has a story, so please mouse over the object to learn more about it. Cool, right? The full closet… Read more »

From calendar to frame

One of my best tips for getting new prints to frame, is to buy a calendar. I’ll use it as a calendar during the year, but when the year’s over, I select the best images, cut them out, and frame them. It’s cheap and you recycle. That’s what I did with this chat noir. So think again before you spend money on an expensive print — you might get twelve for less.


I Love january first. It’s the day when everything seems possible and when you are full with energy (unless you have a hangover. Btw this is the first time I didn’t drink anything on new year’s and I feel so good it might become a tradition. Or I might just be getting old). The day so far has been unusually productive. I ran, did my HIIT workout, cleaned, watched a couple of… Read more »

Elle decoration Mexico

After reading the review of my blog in ELLE my cheeks turned red of excitement. It matters to be recommended on their pages, and especially by Aldo Rojas, an art historian with great discerning taste (obviously) and a real eye for capturing details in buildings, as you can see for yourself in his instagram. This was a boost for me, and next year I promise to breath new… Read more »